Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Three days and counting....

The Easter vacation is upon us. Three whole weeks of university free bliss (apart from all the studying for my finals...) in three days time! Here's what I'm most looking forward to


  1. Celebrating in and reflecting on the amazing events that took place in and around Jerusalem roughly two thousand years ago that mean that I (and millions of others around the world and back in time) are made right with God - firstly, the punishment we deserve for ignoring God and living as if we're the most important thing in the world was paid for at the cross, secondly, we are now not only made right with God, but we are his adopted sons and co-heirs with Christ, thirdly, this wasn't because we've done anything to deserve it - quite the opposite, God loved us so much that when we were his enemies, Jesus died for us - it is by his grace alone. The list of Easter time amazing-ness goes on and on... for more info on what I am very excited about, read Romans 3:9-26!
  2. Seeing my family! Haven't seen my family since Christmas, and am looking forward to seeing them again!
  3. Seeing friends! I've not seen some of my best mates since a very cold and disappointing New Years Eve in London where we failed to see any fireworks...


  4. Getting into some good Christian books! I'm planning on reading Pierced for our Transgressions and then hacking through A Call to Spiritual Reformation. It's pretty ambitious, seeing as I have a terrible habit of getting half way through books and then not getting any further...
  5. Because of Love - IFES European Evangelism Conference in Linz, Austria. Heading out to a part of the world I've never visited before with a bunch of like minded students from across Europe who also want to see their campuses hear the good news of Jesus. Its going to be ace!

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