Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Relay 2 Karaoke Fun #1

The North East's contribution to the Karaoke fun.

"I can be your Relay Worker, but I'm not your CU slave!
I do more than go for coffee, every day's a Relay rave"

Thursday, 8 January 2009

53 years ago today...

53 years ago to the day, Jim Elliot (one of my missionary heroes) and his four missionary friends were martyred whilst trying to reach the Waodani people in the Ecuadorian jungle with the gospel.

I read Through Gates of Splendour, a biography about Jim Elliot, a year or two ago and it has been really influential in my growth as a Christian. One thing that's really struck me was that they were no different to you or me. They were just normal Christians who were obedient to God and took the Great Commission seriously.

Here's a brief video explaining the story of how the Waodani people were reached.

(HT: Justin Taylor)