Wednesday, 26 March 2008


The IFES European Evangelism Conference 2008 is over :( I'm back home in boring old England so I thought I'd share seven highlights of the conference. I'll elaborate on some of them in the coming days when I'm slightly less tired.

  1. Easter - celebrating that Christ has risen with 2000 brothers and sisters that I've never met from every bit of Europe. Being excited by the fact that as Christians, we have not only a new legal standing before God the Father - we are forgiven because of Jesus' death, but that he has actually changed our hearts - we are now alive in his ressurection.
  2. Looking at The Creation, The Exodus, The Exile and Return and the Coming of Jesus in the Bible with Charlie Hadjiev every morning. One word: wow. Look out for some blogging on this in the very near future!
  3. Becky Pippert (author of Out of the Saltshaker) showed us how that because of God's love for us we are to love others and love the world. Again look out for much blogging!
  4. Meeting so many other students from around Europe who just want to see their campuses hear the gospel and believe in it.
  5. The hilariously random Eurovision style meeting leaders and people on the stage. Quotes including e.g. "Come on!" "1,2,3... Yeah, yeah yeaaaah!" "You can sit down now!" "DEATH WHERE IS YAW STANG?!" "Actually I think it was the grace of God!" -- I guess you just had to be there...
  6. Hearing about the work of other IFES national movements from students in those countries and being excited about what God is doing in universities around Europe - God has definitely not forgotten Europe.
  7. Snow snow snow!!!!

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