Thursday, 6 November 2008

Good Commentaries on the Cheap

Amazon are selling New International Commentaries very cheaply at the moment. Amongst others, they are selling Galatians by Ronald Y.K. Fung at£2.50 (down from £19.99!) and Genesis by Victor P. Hamilton, 2 volumes each at £1.99 (each down from £24.99!) Bargain-alicious.

I don't imagine they will last long at these prices. Thanks to Zac Wyse for pointing this out!

UPDATE: Amazon made a mistake, and all orders have been cancelled.


PostTenebrasLux said...

Just to give credit where credit is due, I got the tip from Tim Chester's blog.

Scott Thomson said...

I think they must have made a mistake or something? They seem to have gone back to a normal price again now.

opentoesandals said...

Yeah, they did. It did seem a little bit too good to be true.